About Us

Our Mission

Life is not easily explained there’s no one answer or path. When dealing with mental illness life can be even more difficult to navigate. At times you can feel lost. We are here to say you are not alone.There is support, there are resources,and we are here to both.

At ABHC we support individuals and families to navigate the recovery process. Our mission is to promote growth and create an understanding through an individualized approach with a focun on self-advocacy,enpowerment,and strengthening supports.

We strive to help families grow,develop,adn stablize through education and wellness.with respect,dignity,and compassion our trained staff are dedicatd to enchaning your quality of life

Officers and Directors

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Financial Officer

PRP Program Director

Patrice Edgley, MA, CPRP

Rehabilitation Specialist

Director of Operations

Frances Figueroa,LGPC,CPRP

Allen-Ayuk Behavioral Health Center, INC. encourages individuals to participate fully and to have complete access to all services, governance structures (board of directors, committees of the board and any board working groups that may be convened), and potential volunteer opportunities.

ABHC shall make every effort to see that its structure, policies and systems reflect all aspects of the total community and to promote equal access to all.

To this end, ABHC strives to ensure that discriminatory or oppressive practices are never tolerated by any employee, contractors, or consumer.